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How to ask for permission on using Art Work.

On this page I'm going to try to help you write a letter to ask for permission to use someones graphics. I know a lot of you already know how, just go on to the next page.
This is for new ones to the net, web, or webtv. Or anyone just not having the word to say what they may want to.

1. Always try to address the site owner by name.
Always use Mr. or Mrs. or Miss.
If only the nic is known, that is fine.
Just don't be to informal with it.

Greetings Mr. XXXX


Greetings (nic)

TIP: In the subject line of your letter to the webmaster of graphics site please put:

Request Permission

This way they know right away what you want.

2. Get right to the point in your letter.

I am requesting permission to use some of your artwork on my website.

Now, give a brief description of "your" site to who you are writing to. And if you like their artwork, tell them so. Everyone likes to be complimented for their work. But don't go over board and sound fake.

My site is going to be about beautiful art work, like yours. It will be a collection of Art from all over the world. I want to have it all in one place for everyone to enjoy.

TIP: You don't have to have an art site to use art. Your site can be about almost anything. Probably no racial or hate sites or nudies. (you get my drift here.)

Most important is make sure you tell them in your letter that you will provide all copyright and credit to them with a linkback to their site.


Now make your closing nice but not like you are there best friend. (Unless you are their best friend, lol)
You can use the following:

your name
your e-mail addy

your name
your email addy

If you have the website your doing that will include their artwork, send a link to the person you are writting to. Other wise send it to them if they request it. And most do, they like to see how you have used their work. And they will probably give you a link back also. But let them make the offer to link to you. Again, most will if they like what they see.

Now I will give you a complete letter to show a full example: (I am using fake names)

Greeting Miss Stella,

I am requesting permission to use a couple of your artworks on my website. I will include all copyright and credit to you and a link back to your site.
My site is going to be about Native American Art. I wanted to tell you that I do admire you work a great deal. I want to put together many artist all in one place so all can enjoy. I will be happy to send you my website when I get a good start on it to show you how you work will look.
Thank you for your consideration.
real name
e-mail addy
URL of your site

I hope this will help you in some way. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I will put a message board here so all can see and help. Don't be afraid to write that first letter. And you won't always get permission. If you don't, DO NOT USE THE ART WORK! It is up to the owner of the site. Respect that! Like I said before, most will let you use the artwork.

TIP: Don't panic if you don't get a response right away. It may take a few days or weeks for some to get back to you. Please wait for their response. And NEVER get mad if you don't get to use their artwork and write back to them and wonder why or get mad at them. You'll never get to use art work that way. Just go on to the next art site. You'll find something even better the more you look.