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Dots, dots and more dots!


I guess your here to see some dots. Well take a look around, I hope you find something to take with you.
They are free and I don't need a link back.

(But if you would like to. The addy for this is,)
<a href="">
Thanks for the link.

All dots were made using, click here

12 X 12 15 X 15 19 X 19
blue12.gif blue12.gif blue15.gif blue15.gif blue19.gif blue19.gif
white12.gif white12.gif white15.gif white15.gif white19.gif white19.gif
red12.gif red12.gif red15.gif red15.gif red19.gif red19.gif
yellow12.gif yellow12.gif yellow15.gif yellow15.gif yellow19.gif yellow19.gif
green12.gif green12.gif green15.gif green15.gif green19.gif green19.gif
orange12.gif orange12.gif orange15.gif orange15.gif orange19.gif orange19.gif
seagreen12.gif seagreen12.gif seagreen15.gif seagreen15.gif seagreen19.gif seagreen19.gif
richblue12.gif richblue12.gif richblue15.gif richblue15.gif richblue19.gif richblue19.gif
violetblue12.gif violetblue12.gif violetblue15.gif violetblue15.gif violetblue19.gif violeblue19.gif
neonblue12.gif neonblue12.gif neonblue15.gif neonblue15.gif neonblue19.gif neonblue19.gif
skyblue12.gif skyblue12.gif skyblue15.gif skyblue15.gif skyblue19.gif skyblue19.gif
turquoise12.gif turquoise12.gif turquoise15.gif turquoise15.gif turquoise19.gif turquoise19.gif
springgreen12.gif springgreen12.gif springgreen15.gif springgreen15.gif springgreen19.gif springgreen19.gif
forestgreen12.gif forestgreen12.gif forestgreen15.gif forestgreen15.gif forestgreen19.gif forestgreen19.gif
orchid12.gif orchid12.gif orchid15.gif orchid15.gif orchid19.gif orchid19.gif
plum12.gif plum12.gif plum15.gif plum15.gif plum19.gif plum19.gif
neonpink12.gif neonpink12.gif neonpink15.gif neonpink15.gif neonpink19.gif neonpink19.gif
spicypink12.gif spicypink12.gif spicypink15.gif spicypink15.gif spicypink19.gif spicypink19.gif
gold12.gif gold12.gif gold15.gif gold15.gif gold19.gif gold19.gif
aquamarine12.gif aquamarine12.gif aquamarine15.gif aquamarine15.gif aquamarine19.gif aquamarine19.gif
maroon12.gif maroon12.gif maroon15.gif maroon15.gif maroon19.gif maroon19.gif
goldenrod12.gif goldenrod12.gif goldenrod15.gif goldenrod15.gif goldenrod19.gif goldenrod19.gif
scarlet12.gif scarlet12.gif scarlet15.gif scarlet15.gif scarlet19.gif scarlet19.gif
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